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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Greenland 2017 -hiking

 As well as cold we had plenty of wind -always a good excuse to go hiking

 and what hiking, a frozen river...
 valleys running up to tongues of the ice cap (arctic poppies making a guest appearance)
hiking above the tongue of the ice cap
 a glacier tongue runs out into moraines and rubble
 and the final dirty end
 hiking in the snow
 fantastic views of land and sea
 eddying clouds
 fjords on a massive scale

 inland valleys
 tiring work...
 discussing the route, no paths here
 snow patches, sometimes steep and hard, sometimes alarmingly soft
 heading back down to the camp
 with Liz

 hill and sea scape with the ice cap always in command -our memory of long days out.

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