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Friday, 22 July 2011

More biking- High Street

A long climb following the course of the roman road from Askham

Superb views over Ullswater to Helvellyn and more distant peaks, but frustrating soggy under foot (under tyre in fact), so several walking sections despite the gentle gradient.

A satisfying summit (828m/2663') with one of the best vistas in Lakeland (Wainwright agrees with me).

Fast downhill from the top and an easy climb to Rampsgill Head and then High Raise. It was beyond High Raise that it got soggy, so to avoid this, I followed my nose over Low Raise.

A nice fast and not too wet grassy run down losing 400m in 3km,

followed by a delightful steep and technical section, all rideable except this corner by the beck. The exact location of this must remain secret since it is not bridleway and mostly not footpath either. However, you end up on the north bank of Haweswater, on the nicely metalled footpath, cum landrover track, to Burnbanks. Leaving only the 9km road ride back. I was running on empty after 40km and 1100m of ascent; the road passes several attractive pubs; alas, I had left my money in the car!