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Thursday, 22 September 2011

The last warm days of Summer

Not on the water, but in the back garden! The last chance to do a bit of gelcoat work to tidy up those on-the-water repairs. Deep in a Corsican cave, an unseen swell swept me backwards onto an equally unseen rock, requiring epoxy putty. So good was the repair that it has lasted all Summer.

The short black keelstrip was an earlier repair to rock-hopping injuries. Now was the time to Dremel out the epoxy ,

sand everything down and mask it off.

Apply black gelcoat with wax .

A touch of cutting polish and as good as new until the next rock.

Liz's Anas had another problem, erosion under her heels.

So some glass tape, and resin, followed by white gelcoat with wax and it will do many another year.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Kayakdemer IV, Le Phare du Four

Just three of us went for an afternoon paddle from the campsite 3 miles down-tide to the Phare du Four, we had been there in very flat conditions a couple of years ago. This time there was a big tide running as we were well offshore on Springs, and we were at the lighthouse in no time.

The lighthouse was attracting the swell and just beyond, the tide was swirling into a race over the shallow reefs and rocks.

Requiring an energetic ferry glide at right-angles to the tide to make the mile to the shore without being caught up in the race. As soon as you relaxed your ferry angle, the waves breaking in the race where right on your shoulder. Not a place to mess up. Later in the week a 'Rockpool' lost 50cm of its bow in the rocks here, an expensive day out for the owner, who was lucky to escape with lacerated forearms after a rough water double roll followed by a wet exit. The bow, wedged in the rocks, had been bent double in all three planes by breaking waves during this process.

Kayakdemer III, Aber Benoit

A windy day at the international meeting and a group of us opted for the shelter of the Aber Benoit, ascending from 'Le chien' at the mouth of the 'river'.

The strong tail wind tempted me to try paddle sailing with my spare paddle on the head for extra sail area. (photo- Yvonne)

The gusty wind made it tricky.

You could have forgotten about the wind at the sheltered limit of navigation, miles from the sea.

Wednesday Night in the Solent

Wednesday night we met the Waverley entering Portsmouth for the night as the sun was setting.

After this fine sunset, the moon rose and, maybe because of the slightly yellowish full moon, it was very dark on the water by 21.00. We called QHM as the hovercraft seemed to be heading our way, but he had seen us already and turned to pass ahead. Yet another magical night out on the Solent. (and I can recommend the Tektite dive markers we use as being visible a mile ahead from the bridge/flightdeck of a hovercraft at 47kt)

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Kayakdemer II- Les Tas de Pois

A tricky launch at Camaret with the tide out,

returning at HW it was close to the top of the quay.

A fine rocky shore between the pointe du Grand Gouin and Pointe du Toulinguet.

It was a misty day, giving a 'scottish ambience' according to our French companions.

The NW swell made for poor photographic conditions N of the Tas de Pois.

However, the sea flattened off in their lee. (photo- Yvonne)

Lashing rain added to the unseasonal feel as we sheltered in a cave out of the swell. What a great day out. Crozon would be a good location for a week's paddling, rocks, cliffs, caves, stacks and rocky islets, surf beaches, it has it all, and there would always be a sheltered side.
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