Paddles with an Anas acuta...... unashamedly biased toward the sea kayak of that name (actually the voyages of two boats, one 'traffic over gold', one 'quill')

Monday, 22 September 2014

Busy waters

Our home port is a busy place. Paddling into Portsmouth Harbour on Sunday we had HMS Severn as well as the usual ferries and pleasure craft.
 Whilst on the way out we met this large vessel. We didn't recognise it but a quick check on the internet revealed that it is standing in for one of the regular commercial ferries.
Following it out with the ebb we had to thread our way between the armada of yachts making their way home. The unusually warm bright sunshine and F4 had tempted them to a last outing of the season, for us the quiet winter seas beckon.

St Alban's Head

 Early morning on the Dorset coast, a very benign sea.
 Yet St Alban's Head still provided some waves...

once past the sea soon resumed its placid aspect.