Paddles with an Anas acuta...... unashamedly biased toward the sea kayak of that name (actually the voyages of two boats, one 'traffic over gold', one 'quill')

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sunny Sunday Afternoon

 Liz, 'rolling along on the crest of a wave and the sun is in the sky'
Pompey skyline from the Warner Buoy, the light sea movement gave some volume to its normal asthmatic wheeze and there were hints of deeper baritone.
 Portsmouth's secret play spot; playing the pipe.

 This was on a neap tide, so very friendly and I was able to take some photographs drifting 'no hands'. On a large spring tide it gives a couple of hours of spirited fun. Once my balance is good enough I'll attempt some pictures. I suppose I should invest in a headcam. Always a perfect end to the day to loosen up with some edging and braces.


  1. Looks like great fun and in the sun. We havent seen the sun here in southern Norway for the last couple of months. Nice blog.

  2. Looking great, I have not yet paddled this year but my season is just around the corner.. :)