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Thursday 5 December 2013

Cycling in the Lakes

 Pushing up hill when it became too steep and loose to pedal, a feature of the Lakeland Fells
 on our ride last weekend. Perfect weather for the time of year.
 Navigational challenges as the light was failing.
 Next day a puncture in sight of the valley gave us a chance to relax in the sun. I'm on the left if you don't recognise me without a spraydeck.
 Crossing a beck, instability on the slippery stones led to
 the odd spill.  We were too busy on the fast descents to take pictures but no serious falls all weekend.
This one only needed a bit of encouragement to get going again. It is not that I am as uncaring as I might look still standing astride my steed.
A line of cyclists across the fells and later
back on the tarmac. Thanks to Howie for some of the photos.

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