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Monday, 11 November 2013

Local paddling

 Last weekend we stayed in Swanage -I can recommend the auberge- on the Saturday we were caught in the F9 in Poole Harbour, it blew up a couple of hours earlier than expected. A good learning experience with various incidents, swims, people loosing control of their boats, tow lines tangled around the mooring buoys that litter the harbour. Luckily the trusty Anas always turns into the wind and rocks happily in the wind blown chop awaiting further instructions from the paddler who only has to relax.

Sunday it was a strong offshore wind and we had a lazy paddle around Studland Bay taking care not to be carried through the gaps at Old Harry.
Eastney pier, the third Portsmouth pier? The old outfall behind produces sport the last couple of hours of the flood, the Bitches in miniature!?  Dangerous obstructions lurk to seaward, avoid this playspot on the ebb.
Yesterday it was a trip across the Solent; Eastney to Bembridge. The forecast had been anything from F8 to F3 and from north to south. The NW 4 didn't feel very threatening and we had a nice crossing in a lively sea keeping on a steady 210 magnetic which took us well out to sea, crossing the channel near Dean Elbow and making best use of the tide. A tanker was coming in to anchor off St. Helen's travelling little faster than ourselves. However it was great to hear the anchor clang and rattle out. The wall of metal which was its bow had been sneaking up ominously as I kept glancing over my shoulder.

On the way back we crossed near the Werner, making good time with little tidal help and a cross-wind making the 6 or 7 miles in under 2 hours.

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