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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Shetland: Sunny again on Yell

 A few days later we were back on Yell, camping at Cullivoe,
 between Gutcher and Gloup.
 It was the usual sunny start as we criss-crossed Bluemull Sound looking at the Unst coast as well as Yell.
 The forecast was for rapid deterioration as a sou-wester came in, but the north coast was sheltered.
 The Quidin is an interesting rock with a singular geology.
 The corner to the west coast is a collection of arches and stacks. Liz had a 'moment' in the arch as a wave tried to surf her up the wall against her hanging draw, and one look at the sea to the south convinced us it was time to turn back.

The islet of Gloup Holm and the coast looked more and more austere as the wind got up. We were pleased to have left a car at Gloup against the possibility of an 'early bath'. That rugby phrase may be only too appropriate for a kayaking trip.

The Gloup memorial gave us food for thought. 58 fishermen lost to a sudden summer storm on the far haaf in 1881, miles out to sea in their small rowing boats.  Where might we have been without the Met. Office inshore forecast....


  1. Ok, now I got a little jalous. Great rocks and scenary.

  2. Nice blog and as Miamaria I`m a bit jalous too. Great photos.