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Thursday 21 March 2013

A cold crossing to Cowes

 Miserable weather at the weekend, but we paddled from Lepe to Cowes and up the Medina to Newtown. The wealth of Cowes Week seems to have by-passed most of the river front. A gentle paddle, the most exciting water the wash from the Red Funnel Cat.
On the way back this ship was behaving strangely, making unexpected manoeuvres, a lifeboat was in attendance  maybe it had engine or steering trouble. 
We kept well clear, although it did turn and pursue us at one point on the crossing. Back at Lepe we met the New Forest Club doing a skills session. Tempted to show off, I got out of my cockpit to paddle side-saddle and promptly fell in, stiff with the hours in the cold rain. Luckily my self-rescue worked first time, in fact the sea was a good deal warmer than the air, but thank heavens for drysuits!

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