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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Lucky with the weather in Lakeland

800 or 8000m? all it needs is some snow and cloud in the Lakes. Here Wasdale Red Pike. Just for the record 826m.

Scoat Fell


and the view down from Pillar. It was an alarming 35 years since I'd walked the Ennerdale circuit. The Pillar group are still less frequented than most of lakeland, mainly due to the 'long' walk in from the car park. Ennerdale with its alpine style river the least developed glen. Even the forestry plantations are being sympathetically managed nowadays and in a century will look natural. Snow in the night and a poor forecast meant I saw no one and not even a footprint or trace of the path over the summits. On top of CawFell and Haycock before 9 a.m. the rocks were covered in slippery verglas, luckily the southerly F6, despite feeling very cold, melted the hard ice or it would have been a very slow walk. Down to Black Sail where I met a handful of walkers and then back over the Buttermere fells, High Crag, High Stile, Red Pike and the long descent back to Ennerdale Water and the car, no one was going my way into the eye-watering wind. 18 miles and 1800m of climbing, 35 years ago it was a much shorter walk with easier gradients, but there you are!

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