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Saturday 11 June 2011

Corsica, part 2, The South

This is the second part of our trip to Corsica, check out part one. We took a week or so to paddle from Piantarella, E of Bonifacio to Capu di Muru, the idea was to continue to Ajaccio, but the long forecast bad weather finally arrived and we scuttled back to Propriano with the wind.

The wind scoured limestone cliffs of des Bouches de Bonifacio, with their deep caves, often looking as if the sea is merely reworking existing cave systems,

and the town itself. Even when it is variable Beaufort 1-3 elsewhere, it is 6-7 in the Bouches.

The granite Lavezzi, tempting close to Sardinia.

Approaching Capo di Feno, we were pleased that the SE F7 was from behind and that the SW swell was meeting the wind blown chop half a mile or so offshore, setting the yachts pitching violently, and not on the headland.

Granite and more granite is my memory of the rest of the coast.

With idyllic beaches,

spectacular views from headland to headland,

fine sunsets, and camping on the cast up sea-grass. Hot by day, but chilly at night.
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