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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Shetland: Vementry in bright and breezy weather

 Usual Shetland blue skies, but f4 becoming f5, as we left Brindister.
 Lunch in the shelter of Northra Roe, a familiar red and white helicopter came and had a look (see on the skyline), were they looking for us?

 No, they were on a training flight, touching down near the guns.

 On the way back the f5 had kicked in making it hard work.
Necessitating a second lunch, lazing in the sunshine, backs to the wind. Our beach had a few pieces of driftwood and some old bits of rope, but no plastic. There are many mussel and fish farms nearby so on the west coast of Scotland you would expect a jumble of farming debris. Not in Shetland. You see old mussel floats recycled into plant pots, tree protectors etc., old rope wound into skeins on the quay sides awaiting a use. A strong 'waste not want not' ethic that makes the coast the cleanest we have met anywhere.

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