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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Shetland: Sumburgh to Troswick

 The day before had been a non-paddling day, SW f6-7, and the west coast was still choppy so we decided to tackle Sumburgh Head from the east. Delightfully sheltered with a lazy swell, paddling up,up, up; paddling down, down, down. However, the swell offered less delight once the Head was reached. The guidebook states that the 'easy passage inside the stack' can be used to avoid the roost and overfalls. Today the passage was anything but easy with the surging breakers punching straight through. The outside didn't look at all nice either, passing Sumburgh Head would have to wait for another day.
 The coast north to Troswick was fine consolation, blocky cliffs,
 confiding puffins,
 massive caves, often with seals lolling on the ledges,

 challenging corners in the swell,
and fine vistas.

Our lunch spot was in Troswick Bay. The aerial antics of Arctic Skuas forcing the terns to feed them rather the chicks they were trying to feed kept us engaged; when we were not whistling tunes to the seals or watching the otters.

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