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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Shetland: St. Ninian's and Fitful Head

 St. Ninian's Isle makes a good walk in windy weather,

 and Spiggie Bay a fine campsite.
 The Isle is also an interesting paddle, despite the motion. or maybe because of it, there was a wild atmosphere which made up for missing out on some of the caves.

The circumnavigation is completed by a portage across the tombolo joining it to the Mainland. Whilst we were there this beach was voted one of the 10 best bathing  beaches in the World in a travel magazine. A designation that had Shetland folk laughing since the water is so cold that no-one bathes there. Presumably the judges worked from photographs rather than personal experience.

Note the head torch, essential paddling kit in Shetland.

Yesterday it was a severely windswept 'best bathing beach'.

Heading south towards Fitful Head the triangle of Stack o' da Noup dominates the coast.
 The Wick of Shunni is a bay on a vast scale, this corner was the only landing place out of the swell.
 The Kame and the Nev rise to nearly 200m in a vertical wall of rock.
 This is the view from Fitful Head, domain of the bonxie,
 and the view north back along the coast.
Time for a well deserved tea at our camp at Spiggie.

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