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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Shetland: Muckle Roe

 Muckle Roe has an underground side to it. The caves were much cooler than outside leading to a mist with very large droplets somehow suspended in the air.
 Surprise lurks round every corner!
 Sometimes you find a way out,
 sometimes you don't.
 Out in the open air it was a lovely day of stacks,
 beautiful coastline,
 gulleys between the rocks,
 yet more stacks,
 yet more caves,
 yet more arches,
and yet more coast.
Only about an 11nm circumnavigation, by the time you've been in and out of the caves it feels like 20. We were pleased to be in sight of Roe Sound again, yet sad that we had run out of island.

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