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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

First Time on the Water

Remember that pep talk prior to sitting in a kayak for the first time? The 'Dancer' was the perfect boat and the sunshine last Friday ideal for a first trip on the water with some friends from Germany.

The Continental Ferry Port was busy and we had to wait for an inbound banana boat...

so big compared to us, gliding in with 2 tugs. We kept well clear, fearing some turbulence from the propellers, but at minimum revolutions, it barely disturbed the water.

Then on around Whale Island, passing HMS Bristol, shepherded by the Anas acuta,

and heading off across Portsmouth Harbour.

A lovely day on the water as we made our way to Portchester Castle for ice cream,

then back again to Tipner, still smiling after 5nm.

Portsmouth may not be bucolic, but it is a fine spot for a first paddle; come to that, any paddle.

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