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Thursday, 22 September 2011

The last warm days of Summer

Not on the water, but in the back garden! The last chance to do a bit of gelcoat work to tidy up those on-the-water repairs. Deep in a Corsican cave, an unseen swell swept me backwards onto an equally unseen rock, requiring epoxy putty. So good was the repair that it has lasted all Summer.

The short black keelstrip was an earlier repair to rock-hopping injuries. Now was the time to Dremel out the epoxy ,

sand everything down and mask it off.

Apply black gelcoat with wax .

A touch of cutting polish and as good as new until the next rock.

Liz's Anas had another problem, erosion under her heels.

So some glass tape, and resin, followed by white gelcoat with wax and it will do many another year.

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