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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Raz de Sein in a calm mood

Raz de Sein? yes it is, we had hit a day without swell, the sea like a mirror, and waited for LW slack (Brest -1 hour). An hour earlier it had been standing waves falling in white sheets, but now was an eerie calm.

We circumnavigated the two lighthouses.

Philip Plisson, as always, was there in stormy weather, this image is from his website.

Then, as the tide started to run, already forming strange eddies and boils, we headed back into the Baie des Trepasses, the Bay of the Dead. An hour later it was all white water again. A Breton kayaker said that it was no place to play, a quiet and respectful passage over the many dead mariners was more appropriate.

On the way back, the quiet sea allowed deep passage into the caves.

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