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Monday, 10 August 2009

Glen Brittle to Loch Harport

The forecast was SE 4-7 and it turned out near the upper end,

blowing us along the coast in fine style. Around every salient point, the long fetch and clapotis made for tricky seas and it was always a relief to glide into the shelter behind the stacks, here Stac a' Mheadais.

Lunch at Talisker,

sunbathing 'August in Skye' style.

McFarlane's rock was the final obstacle,

and a sheltered cave gave respite from the wind.

However, the swell kept trying to sweep me deeper into the inky blackness to who knows what horrors judging by the sound behind me.

Round the corner in Loch Bracadale we were out of the wind for the final few miles.

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