Paddles with an Anas acuta...... unashamedly biased toward the sea kayak of that name (actually the voyages of two boats, one 'traffic over gold', one 'quill')

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Not just sea kayaking

Just to prove that I have other interests, here I have swapped the yellow boat for a yellow bike. Cycling up Snowdon last December. The railway is an easy gradient but soft ballast in places slows you up.The alternative involves a certain amount of walking.
You can see that my bike is the same great colour as the Anas acuta.
We reached the top in about 2 hours.
And were down again in 20 minutes following the Snowdon Ranger path. Where the track zigzags just above the snow line it is very steep and rocky, but we were all in one piece and only two pinch flats between us.