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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Gruinard Bay

It was a 2.5 nm crossing to the tip of Gruinard Island, now safe, even delightful, to land on, after being decontaminated in 1990. A sea eagle soared close overhead being mobbed by hooded crows. Top tip, buy a boat with a shapely bow, you will be seeing a lot of it.

My final landing was in the small cove just north of Gruinard Bay.

Zoom in and you will see both boat and tent, Gruinard Island in the background.

Gruinard Bay next door is, as ever, the best beach in Britain.

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  1. Hi Pete, Seems like you had a great time in Scotland. I agree with you about the beach, we were there on the 22nd of May on our motorhome tour of NW Scotland.
    Russ V (pdcc)