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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Shetland: The sun shines on Yell

The last time I was on Shetland, Yell and Unst were only served by the thrice weekly Earl of Zetland passenger boat from Lerwick. How times have changed, and I'm not that old! Frequent car ferries now link the islands and visitors can go south to north, and maybe back, in a single day.
 The White Wife is a ships figurehead raised on the shore where the ship foundered on the east coast.
 Clear water and sunshine,
 relaxing paddling on a windless sea.
The usual arches; this one is one of the legs of the Horse of Burravoe, it doesn't look much like a horse from the sea. Unusually it is named from its look from the land.
Spectacularly coloured cliffs with the only kittiwake colony we came across. The White  Lady is near here, a light coloured patch of rock said to exactly resemble a Shetland lady in traditional dress, lacking fashion expertise we couldn't pick it out, but the bay below, Ladies Hole, is an anchorage.
Cooling caves and tunnels.

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