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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Around Skye with some friends from across the Channel

The weather held, much warmer and sunnier than northern France.
However, we seemed to be spending a lot of time in the shade along the SW coast from Neist to Bracadale
Deep into caves,
and deeper still. The lack of swell allowing safe exploration into the darkest recesses; well, we did pick up a few scrapes on unseen obstacles.
Even a narrow crack can penetrate far into the darkness,
on the other hand, an impressive entrance may soon peter out.

Making use of the viking shipyard. It takes a coast hugging mariner to appreciate this place. Despite the complete absence of trees a pine marten had made this its home. Super inquisitive, any change, maybe only opening a hatch that had been closed and it was straight away on the case. I'd never had the chance before to appreciate the lithe body and strangely oversize legs and paws.
The Spar cave is very different.
Further down towards Sleat, an idyllic camp site with; sandy beach,
aerated ledges against the midge attack,
magnificent sunset,
and a friendly Minke, this one swam in from a mile out to come and see us, circling the group and passing underneath at shallow depth.

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